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Drama in the Hood

Fairlea Community Association (FCA) launched a new drama program focused on youth aged 8-12 living off Heatherington Road in the Spring of 2006. The youth are very excited about the two plays currently being practised and rehearsed - Silent Woody and One Day in Peace, which have environmental and intercultural themes.
            The plays were presented on June 15th at Fairlea Office for their families. Fairlea is a very multi-racial and multi-ethnic community. “This is a wonderful grassroots community-building initiative, and the community's response, from the children's to the parents', has been very positive. In fact, the program has generated so much interest and enthusiasm, that we've had more registrations than we could have ever hoped for! It's very encouraging. In a way, it's more than a drama program, because it's not only about drama and how to be in a play. It's also an opportunity for the children to make friends, have positive role models through their coaches, as well as learn new skills, all of which can boost their self-confidence,” said Linda Marie "Elle" Joly, Artistic Director/Coordinator of the Arts and Events Program at FCA. 

The youth in motion! Practicing "Silent Woody"

    The Drama Program provides a positive alternative for its’ local youth, some of whom may be youth at risk by giving them a positive and creative outlet. “We are really excited to get the Drama Program underway with the help of dedicated volunteers who have worked endlessly to get this program going, and we’re very proud of what we’ve done so far,” said Dr. Peter Stockdale, Acting President of Fairlea Community Association. 
        Salamander Theatre and its’ Arts Angel have also very generously provided the youth with two workshops. Their professionalism has helped build the confidence of the youth. Feedback from Salamander has made the kids aware of the basics of drama, and staff more effective in coaching the kids.
            These various initiatives combine to help build a better community, peace and environment in Ottawa South. Bringing communities together is an important objective of Fairlea Community Association. The Association also promotes environmental stewardship through trail building its’ Turtlehead Trails. The Fairlea Community Association was established in 1985 and includes activities such as: trail-building twice a year, the Fairlea Heartbeat Block Party, Winterfest, along with its new Drama Program. Anyone interested in volunteering with Fairlea Community Association or who would like more information on any of these programs or events can contact Kim Neals or Peter Stockdale at 613-421-2252.

Practicing "One Day in Peace"